clients keep FUCKIN with my money the week before my bachelorette party weekend. someone cancelled until the beginning of next week, someone’s check bounced and I have to wait 7-10 days to get that money in addition to I got a returned check fee, and now my client for tomorrow afternoon who was supposed to be today (who I rescheduled because I thought I was going to clean out a vacant and that guy cancelled) texts me and says he has to cancel because of a surprise visit from his mother in law! I told him my situation, plus he cancelled on me twice in the past month already, so hopefully he feels bad and lets me work. Now I’m only going to have $250 this weekend, about $100 of which needs to be saved for groceries when I get back. Although Ben said he could give me some money if I needed it. Anyway, I am super premenstrual and bored. Ben is drafting his fantasy team tonight. Today has been sooo lameee.